Time is such a marvellous thing. At this very moment, you have some sort of dilemma going on in your life, affecting your very future depending on how you deal with it. You will look back in years to come and think how it shaped you into the individual you are today. Every decision you make determines who you become, how your future self acts, behaves and even views the world around you, all because you ate that chicken wing instead of going to the gym!

Time is such a marvellous thing!

My major dilemma is university – whether I go, whether I don’t. Where do I go? What do I do? What should I do?! Taking a gap year has been both a blessing and a curse; I’ve changed my mind about which course I would like to do completely, I’ve declined offers, been rejected places and even plan on making the jump into insanity by waiting until clearing to decide! I am yet to find out whether changing my mind about university is a blessing or a curse but only time will reveal that.

It’s so easy to determine the future of a close friend or someone you know well. You give them the exact advice they need to hear, help them work out what they must do in order to achieve their desired future and you leave it up to them to decide if they take the opportunity. When it comes to your own future however, the options seem overbearing! Surely the one person that truly knows what’s best for you, is you? But maybe that’s the problem – You know yourself too well to make a just decision. You need the help of others to guide you but ultimately you are the one who makes that decision.

Every decision is scary. Taking the jump, without knowing where you are landing is terrifying but, if you could see where you were landing, would you still jump? Even if you knew you were landing in a bed of roses, it wouldn’t take you long to realise even roses have thorns.

Time fluctuates. The best part of your life drifts by you on the wind but you can never grab hold of it, never control how strong the wind blows. you may not be able to control your time but you can manipulate it and change its direction and destination. In regards to university, no matter what anyone says, it is not a necessity. We are made to believe it is the only way you can get the successful job and the big house with the white picket fence, but it’s not. It seems like a waste of years where the money you receive makes you poor and the freedom you inherit keeps you imprisoned. Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to go to university doing a course I am 100% interested in, but making such a life changing decision at the ripe of age of barely an adult doesn’t appeal to me. Taking the time to decide exactly what I would like to do with my life seems the better option and whether I go to university this year, three years from now or never doesn’t determine how successful I am, just as long as the decision I make is the one I believe is right for me and where I would like my life to go.

Time doesn’t stand still for anyone, but at least it is patient in its convictions.




Travelling to new places, has always been exciting to me. Even as a newly turned adult, it still feels like an adventure, like you can regress to being a child for that one moment and look upon a new place with the same innocent wonder and awe. Granted, as an adult you have to worry about flights and tickets and hotels and SELRES_97c9d633-e94d-412d-aa82-3c2fade278d0SELRES_97c9d633-e94d-412d-aa82-3c2fade278d0baggage and everything else in between, but it’s exciting nonetheless!

For the first time in my life, I had to worry about such things.

The last time I had flown was eleven years ago with a platoon of family members and friends, flying to a hot country for 2 weeks. This time, as a nineteen year old, travelling to a cold country for 4 days, alone, I was terrified. The idea of being so responsible for my whole trip made me feel like I was crossing yet another border into adulthood that I didn’t know if I was ready for just yet. I also didn’t know if I had a fear of flying or not and as I sat hearing the whirring of plane engines and fans, my heart was like a drum beat within my chest.

Turns out I don’t have an overwhelming fear of flying and I successfully survived my trip there and back without hassle or injury! As cliché as it sounds, I experienced things on this trip that have changed my viewpoint on so many things in my life. I flew there in the dark and flew home in the light so each flight gave a new perspective of the journey – it was almost as if it was a metaphor representing my new outlook, like the sun rising on a new day. The beauty of taking off was so overwhelming, I was moved to tears and I couldn’t comprehend the idea I was now flying in one of those planes you see as a tiny speck in the sky, travelling over your small hometown, making you wish you were on it jetting off to some exotic place. The place sure wasn’t exotic but it was definitely exciting!

My cousin is part Swedish and the one thing I found was having someone who knows the local area is a great benefit. We dined at a restaurant renowned for its exquisite meat, (and it really was exquisite) but if I had gone alone, I would think I was being led to slaughter! The building didn’t have the typical restaurant feel to it at all and it definitely reflected the silver factory it once was, but the whole atmosphere fit so well and the food was amazing.

It didn’t feel like a typical holiday and that’s what I liked about it the most. I wasn’t like every other tourist, I was being shown the real Stockholm by someone I care about deeply and what I saw, was absolutely beautiful.

Although it was a short trip, it not only made me realise how impatient I am to continue travelling but it also made me realise how uneducated I am about the world around me. One thing’s for sure – I can’t wait to learn more. 



New Year’s to me always feels like the end of a cycle and the beginning of another. You mourn the loss of the old and welcome the new by means of celebration (and a lot of drinking). I understand the point of resolutions – they give people hope. We feel that by changing a part of ourselves, we can also change the year to come. It is so the same cycle will not be repeated and old situations won’t arise.
The cycle is always the same. The years come and go but what you encounter in each is what shapes you as an individual. 2017 didn’t feel like the end of the cycle. When midnight struck, signalling 2017 as the New Year, I didn’t feel that same naivety I always feel about the year to come. I didn’t believe 2017 would be any different. The worst was yet to come and we sure got it! The trials and tribulations we all faced during the past year have made us stronger and enduring such, led us to 2018.

The true beginning of the cycle.

I didn’t manage to make a resolution this year. My only thought was I’d break it in the first week. Eating healthy, exercising more, giving up chocolate – they all seem so mundane! I’d want my resolution to be as wild as my imagination and as strange as my personality, but nothing I could think of was right, so I decided on just choosing to be happier in myself.

2018 will be dramatic and a resolution for such a year had to be beyond ordinary. It is a year of change and whatever that change is, just remember it is for the better. And when it all comes down to it, when that clock strikes midnight, signifying the precipice of 2019, you will forget all that has happened throughout this year and your thoughts will only be about the year to come.

Breaking a cycle is never easy, so why not settle with just moulding this one to the way you want it to be?